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The Antiques Warehouse Gallery
Here are just a few items that are listed (or had been listed) in our eBay Store.
Vintage Enameled Lighter
Vintage Piano Seats
Vintage Mini-Fire Extinguisher
Vintage Solid Wood Columns
Vintage Microphone
Vintage Solid Brass Crucifixes
Vintage Straw Hat
Vintage Solid Brass Baby Heads
Vintage Toledo UHL Stool
Vintage Patio Tables
Vintage Kindling Holder
Vintage Re-Purposed Industrial Tables
Vintage Sleds
Vintage Outdoor Chair
Vintage Dress Forms
Vintage Solid Wood Church Pew
Vintage Buckets
Vintage Holophane Hanging Light
Vintage Buckets
Vintage Football Helmet
Vintage Kindling Baskets
Vintage Coca Cola Cooler
Vintage Kindling Boxes
Vintage 3 Piece Dutch Door
Vintage Fireplace Fronts
Vintage Platters
Vintage Solid Brass Platters
Custom Hand Made Jart Cases
Vintage Solid Brass Umbrella Stands
Large Industrial Fan
Visit our eBay Store!